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All students are required to choose Option 1 (opted in) or Option 2 (opted out) to the Student Programs and Services Fee (SPSF) by noon on the first day of each semester. You may not change your option after the deadline, so no you cannot opt in today and get a free ticket. If you do nothing, you are automatically opted out. If you opt out, you still pay the fee, but it does not go to student organization-run programming such as Volapalooza. Opted-out students may not receive free or discounted admission to Volapalooza, and they must instead pay the public price.

If you try to log in to the student portal on the Knoxville Tickets website and it will not allow you to log in, you are likely opted out and will have to pay the public price. If you believe this is an error, contact Knoxville Tickets. You can also go to the Central Ticket Office to attempt to get your ticket. They can tell you if you are opted in.

You can buy tickets on by searching for Volapalooza (students then need to log in to the student portal), at the Central Ticket Office in Greve Hall on campus, at any outlet that sells Knoxville Tickets, or on site the night of the event.

Once clicking on “Student Ticket Access” you will need to log in using your NetID as your username followed by either or If it is your first time logging in, your password should be Ut followed by your student ID number – e.g Ut000888888. If you are not able to log in please contact Knoxville Tickets at (865) 656-4444.

Since World’s Fair Park is an outdoor venue, we cannot stop you from smoking. However, we ask that you do it away from the crowd, preferably on the back hill.

No. This is a university-sponsored event, so alcohol will not be served or permitted on the festival grounds. All bags will be checked and alcohol confiscated.

Yes. As long as you have your wristband on, you may re-enter. Bags will be checked each time you enter.

Yes, tickets will be available on site beginning at 4 p.m. while supplies last.

No, but thank you for your interest. Bands are typically selected in the fall semester.

No—no chairs or coolers are permitted.

No. All sponsors have prepaid a vendor fee or sponsorship fee to be present and promote their business. If you are interested in being a vendor or sponsor for a future Volapalooza, contact Sponsorship Coordinator Shelby Goodsell.

All free T-shirts will be given out on campus throughout the week leading up to Volapalooza. No shirts will be given away or sold at the event.

Your wristband is needed for admission. The clasp will lock into place as you tighten it. Do not pull it too tight, because you will not get another one.

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